The 2012 bulm International Hardware vitality

 The 2012 bulm International Hardware vitality

2011, cabinet, wardrobe hardware accessories market after the reshuffle will be more mature, and with industry, new vitality into a rapid and stable development period.bulm in this market environment, with a strong anti-risk awareness ushered in a new vitality. The new vitality of which include: brand competition, innovation, and design elements.

Promote the brand building cabinet industry will enter the stage of brand competition

More and more cabinet wardrobe hardware accessories companies have realized that blind price war will not only reduce corporate profit margins, more consumers will doubt the price of the product, the excessive price war will make the whole market into chaos, the real business of survival lies in brand building, and then vigorously promote brand building is the core of the cabinet's corporate marketing strategy, brand competition will become a new scene of the 2012 cabinet wardrobe accessories industry.
As consumer awareness and consumption levels continue to improve and mature, the cabinet has been gradually increased from the price for the experience of feeling, coupled with modern kitchen, more and more content, the demand has become increasingly widespread. Ensure Evergreen enterprise development, promote the brand building is a daunting task, but also the ace of bulm competition and life.

Product design and innovation "simple" in the new space

bulm innovation responsibility, continue to adhere to the "technological innovation, management innovation, product innovation, market innovation and commitment to exceed customer expectations. bulm to quality products, global sharing of watching the evolutionary needs of the times, and intelligent, humane, the adoption of advanced technology, a better grasp of a careful design and complete; uncompromising attitude to the pursuit of a complete product loyal to the product's features and products in the space above to achieve simplicity in the new space. The latest technology, the latest fashion.

With a fresh creative attitude and re-design, re-thinking, re-use of the brand concept, product design is based on the wisdom of life, both function and aesthetics, let us work together, to show the often overlooked beauty! Reflected in simple luxury to enjoy life in luxury. bulm "simplicity" of the new space, you feel the unique charm of life.

Usher in a new era of the closet, cabinet hardware accessories

2012, wardrobe cabinet hardware accessories market will enter a new period of development, bulm in brand building, product development, design innovation efforts to seek more breakthroughs. The the bulm cabinet wardrobe hardware accessories market makes us feel a new look to usher in a new era of a wardrobe cabinet hardware accessories.
Select bulm make life incredible.

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