The development trend of furniture hardware

                                                                          The development trend of furniture hardware

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As the economy continues to develop, people's living standards continuously improve the spiritual and material culture have become increasingly demanding, this demand has also led to the continuous development and innovation of the domestic industry. Home decoration to the pursuit of individuality, while the furniture is an important part of an essential home decoration, furniture hardware accessories play a very important role in the furniture. The quality of the furniture depends on the aspects of style, material, and the results used in the surface of furniture, a wide variety of decorative pieces for decoration, from the finishing point; use should depend on the functional hardware accessories, functional hardware to some extent, determine the style of furniture.

Furniture hardware accessories for versatility, interchangeability, functional and decorative with higher requirements. Substrate diversity, structural reform and increase the use of functional furniture hardware furniture is no longer merely decorative and some moving parts connected, its functionality is growing more and more widely in the fields of furniture manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, to create effective, have played a positive role.

The development and introduction of new hardware accessories, update and improve the function, style, quality, given the constantly updated on the development of furniture styles and features. Furniture hardware can be divided into two major categories of decorative hardware, functional hardware, in highly developed industrialized production levels, both under the guidance of the industrial design theory, is gradually moving toward reunification.

The domestic furniture hardware, after years of improvement and development, quality is continually improved, in addition to a small number of high technological content and functional accessories, the other has basically reached the international high-quality furniture hardware level. Let us first look at several typical years, domestic furniture hardware product development process.

A dark door hinge. Dumpling chain hinge first appeared in the outer spring, paragraph hinge, there are some drawbacks: 1. Outer spring is easy to jump off the wounding; two hinge cup is a plastic injection molded, very solid; 3. The door is closed, will collision, especially the glass door, can be dangerous; hinge cup aging greatly affect its service life. Developed inner spring hinge, it avoids the problems of the spring pop off, but not resolved behind closed doors when the impact. Two force developed in the last year or two hinges, the hinge cup into a steel or alloy, completely avoid the above problems, in any position to stop, only the closure to last about 15 ° when the spring began, gently closed the door the useful life of more than 100,000 times.

Second, the sliding door accessories. The earliest is a simple sliding door, the wheels are directly injection molding, the track is also the extrusion molding, the adjustment is also very inconvenient to use when there will be noise, and the plastic is easy to aging, affecting the life, replace it with a bearings instead of plastic wheels, reducing noise, but less than that hosts can not be installed in the closet door; Furthermore, they developed a heavy-duty hanging sliding door, paragraph sliding door fittings in the noise, the load-bearing aspects of has been greatly improved, light, smooth movement, no noise can be comparable with the imported high-quality products.

Third, the drawer slides. The earliest furniture without rails, and use force, noise, and easily slips off the danger. The furniture is generally to use a backing style drawer slides, sliding a smooth, light, and automatically closed to prevent the outward slide out. Developed a style of ball rails, side rails, the bottom of the hide slide.

The three examples cited above, the full level of development of the furniture hardware accessories in China, ordinary metal furniture accessories can completely replace the imported hardware fittings, high technological content, functional accessories, yet to be developed, the future of the furniture hardware industry There will be a new change and upgrade:

To develop new products

With the social development, domestic and international customers a higher demand for furniture products, styles and requirements of customers most likely to be without a matching furniture hardware. In order to meet customer requirements, the need for furniture hardware company to work together to participate in the development of new furniture products.

Furniture manufacturers and furniture hardware manufacturers work together to leverage each company's design, technology, equipment, advantages, and the formation of a new format, furniture hardware, and new furniture design synchronization, synchronous manufacturing, common debugging, so that social resources can be most good configuration.

Modern information technology to develop furniture hardware new exchange of information, the technical coordination of the platform of modern digital technology has provided technical support for fast and precise manufacturing. To develop not only meet the special needs of the furniture company for furniture hardware companies to increase product variety, improve product quality, furniture companies and furniture hardware win-win situation. Furniture manufacturers and furniture manufacturers the company's cooperation is particularly important in the current social context, through cooperative development, both design developers collaborate with each other to become a Commonwealth of the complementary remaining places with greater advantage to face the market .

Appearance and function of fusion

Furniture hardware is divided into the decorative hardware and functional hardware, the two categories. A lot of furniture hardware manufacturer invisible to the two separated, decorative hardware does not focus on feature development, lack of functional hardware of its decorative development, between the two divorced. The sliding door fittings, for example, over the years function, structure, ever-improving, but do not pay attention to their decorative unity, despite the many products good, but it always seems to dislike. In recent years, with the increase of the level of innovation and design, many designers to examine the concept of industrial design concerned about the furniture, hardware, furniture hardware, furniture hardware, appearance and functionality better integration of the development trend in furniture hardware .

User-friendly design

Improved quality of life, every detail of the quality of life will also attract attention. Furniture hardware that best reflects the quality of the details of life. The opening and closing of cabinet doors, drawer opening and closing ... Excellent furniture hardware, in these daily actions reflect the humane principles of people-oriented. Security, effort, silent, comfortable, user-friendly concept will be further integration into the furniture hardware development and design. This is also an inevitable requirement of social development.

The use of high-tech

Furniture hardware over the years only a supporting role as the furniture industry did not get enough attention, resulting in our furniture hardware functionality and foreign products is still a big gap. The analysis of foreign products, foreign furniture hardware are integrated into the new technologies, new processes, new materials. To improve the level of China's furniture hardware, only to accelerate the use of high-tech in the industry. Existing domestic universities furniture hardware as a research project focusing on the development of the function and appearance. The furniture industry's rapid development and huge market demand, the use of high-tech furniture hardware will continue to come out.

How to improve the versatility, interchangeability, promote people-oriented, pay attention to safety, convenience, environmental protection, fast to make the product perfect, and so these issues need we continue to strive to develop and enterprising. We hope and believe that the near future, China's furniture hardware manufacturers can provide lower prices for furniture manufacturers, better, more convenient installation of hardware fittings for furniture manufacturers to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

With the prosperity of the furniture industry, furniture hardware industry into the more perfect and new areas to develop new high-tech products to meet the material needs and enjoy the high quality of life.

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