Analysis: Cabinet Hardware development

                   Analysis: Cabinet Hardware development of the industry key to the success of the five elements

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Cabinets as part of the home, has been widely used in the world to accept. From the "rich kitchen," to say to today's well-known, the cabinet product development has gone through many stages. The development of the cabinet at this stage to try to discuss the direction of development of the Chinese cabinet:

China cabinet industry real form in the last century after 90 years, from 1990 to 1992 the cabinet early stage of development, the concept of the whole kitchen is not very clear, with the rapid increase in the level of the domestic economy, the Chinese people's living standards more higher and higher, so for the use and appreciation of the various products is also growing. Progressively from 1992 to 1999, the concept of the whole kitchen into the heart, as a new product is a personalized object, its existence is increasingly being accepted, and the practical and aesthetic of the kitchen more to more attention. So have a saying "the rich than the kitchen". The kitchen as a personalized product, indeed embodied in its owner's status and taste. Kitchen design style and dissimilarities can also reflect the decorative highlights of the entire house.

Good development trend, a number of businessmen from the 1999 to enter the market, but also the shortage phenomenon, then a booming three years from 2000 to 2003 as a whole kitchen, but the momentum is very strong. 2004, the stable development of foreign markets in general, the popular stage in 2004 before the whole kitchen concept, the cabinet industry getting better in 2004, is the rapid development of the year.However, since the second half of 2005, because the Chinese government on the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control, the proportion of buyers gradually decreased, but the industry, people still continue to increase. Many cabinet brands like the mushrooming, so the market is serious oversupply "image. So in order to gain a firm foothold in this market, it is necessary to present their best advantage to win market share. Then after the cabinet of the key factors? I cabinet development put forward the following arguments.

Insiders often been said that the cabinet is the most difficult industry, some people enter the cabinet industry, very powerful, but did not achieve the imagined success. This is because many people do not recognize the special nature of this industry, in fact, as long as identify the key element of success in this industry, the relevant aspects of the job done, success is a matter of course.

The industry has its particularity

The following characteristics of the cabinet industry and consumer behavior characteristics of the industry to analyze the particularity of the cabinet industry is different from other industries.

A fully customized product. The cabinet is fully customized products, manufacturers according to customer demand, specifically to design and produce its products. Radial with the business model of most other industries.

(2) concern about the low-and high importance, the cabinet is only concerned about customer demand industry, the customer does not decoration never cared cabinet manufacturers and cabinet brand. But customers demand, it will find all aspects of understanding of information, put in a lot of time and effort during the purchase process.This is because the cabinets first, is a big-ticket purchases, a lot of money, of course, not sloppy. Cabinet to meet the functional requirements of the clients and their families in the kitchen and decorative needs, complex and important.

3 Unlikeness "industry. The cabinet industry is an emerging industry, it combines many elements, and the color of the cabinet, the design of the update is very fast, from this perspective, the cabinet is very much like a fashion fashion industry. This feature enables the cabinet industry, these industries connected to the reference, but can not copy the successful model

The five key elements of the success of the industry

The management and operation of the cabinet business is the unity of science and art, there is no ready formula to tell the operators how to succeed, most marketing experts in this industry without a deep understanding of simple to apply relevant theory, the results are often diametrically opposed, humorous. In view of these peculiarities of the cabinet industry, we KSFS (Key Success Factors industry critical success factors) for the analysis tools, summed up the key to the success of the cabinet industry, five major elements: design, brand, business direction, services, knowledge and methods of these five elements constitute a key element of success in the cabinet industry.

First, the design

In recent years, with the growing demand for household goods "function" and "personality", while the intelligent always people to pursue the direction. So, intelligent design will become the mainstream direction of the future cabinet. On the basis of practical and beautiful, intelligent design, but also a combination of the directionality of their marketing, so that users can really feel the comfort and convenience. I would like this cabinet in the future to promote sales and market competition.

Second, the brand

Now more and more strongly on the concept of brand, because a good brand with good service, the cabinet as a customized, is a recurrent use of the product, there will inevitably be a lot of unforeseen circumstances. So as customers reluctant to spend more than the usual 15% to 20% of the price to buy the brand. And a considerable part of consumers to understand the dissemination of results through various media cabinet brand awareness and corporate strength. Another purpose of the brand benefits as shopping centers to create open chain stores in the country to further enhance their brand awareness quickly.

Third, the marketing direction

As a large and medium-sized enterprises, their business channels not only in the domestic market, it should be as much as you go abroad. Expensive compared to foreign staff salaries, the prices may be lower custom cabinets in China. The quality of the product of foreign cabinets slightly higher than the domestic market, but the corresponding price can also be enhanced. So as long as our own product quality well, foreign demand in the future will be more and more.

Fourth, service

Is the most important for customers to purchase goods service. Some customers reflect why I buy a good brand of products, the first principle is to spend money to buy services customers shopping the attitude of the salesperson, the salesperson's knowledge of their products are customers to buy products. Too humane thing because it exists as a cabinet products, including doors, countertops, handles, or even a small hardware accessories must seek the consent of the customer, so not only is the customer, together with the cabinet Purchasing Guide and the design will feel that the entire The operation is very tedious. Good service to better reflect the brand's image.

Fifth, the knowledge and methods

Knowledge is divided into two types, one is Knowledge, a How to know. The cabinet industry has no knowledge of how much is hard to understand, the key to master How to know, for example, how do we grasp the emissions in the kitchen, how to consider the man-machine. And how to cope without the presence of good designers and management staff on-site installation problems. If the advantages and disadvantages of the cabinet is the perfect combination of elements. To master such knowledge, only through constant practice, constantly in the wrong, come to a successful experience.Whether a business or personal enterprise. As long as we continue to explore will find suitable for their own business management practices.

But ultimately, the direction of the cabinet, or social development factors determined, we must constantly smart etc. to cater to this market.

With the continuous development of China's economy, the rapid development of China's construction industry, construction and fitting the resulting industry output has also increased. As a part of modern living room, kitchen renovation already the highlight of the home renovation, kitchen cabinet growing the focus of consumer concern. Modern kitchen cabinets are facing unprecedented opportunities for development, compete on the Chinese market, China's cabinet market imperfect competition and foreign brands in China cabinet companies are also facing significant challenges.

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