Efforts to build bulm Cabinet Hardware

                                                                        Efforts to build bulm Cabinet Hardware

                                                                                             --------The whole cabinet market has great potential

China's 1.3 billion population, a huge potential consumer market has attracted worldwide attention. China's annual basic construction completion of more than 1.2 billion square meters, six times across Europe a year of construction completion. The urban residential construction there are about 500 million square meters, 100 square meters per household calculations, we can think of five million residential. China's annual home renovation project amount in more than 200 billion yuan, a year is still 15% of the speed of growth.

According to the calculation of these figures, our residential kitchen renovation is considerable, and requires a lot of affordable cabinet products, development of the industry is promising.
At present, China's cabinet industry production is in a period of rapid development, the whole cabinet is widely accepted, is an important part in the commercial housing and home improvement. With the rise of China real estate, bulm cabinet hardware for its unique vision of the cabinet to enjoy the service to enjoy the gradually showing in front of people, and greatly promote the formation and development of the domestic cabinet industry. Current the, bulm Cabinet Hardware has become a brand space into the independent living charm.

bulm Cabinet Hardware mature

bulm cabinet hardware through continued research and practice, the introduction of foreign advanced production technology, improve the level of design and production, manufacturing technology and quality of the bulm Cabinet Hardware is on the increase.With the accumulation of management experience, bulm Cabinet Hardware mature and standardized in all respects, design, production, installation and ancillary services has formed a relatively complete system, the application of the Internet pass sales information and technical exchanges to go in the domestic cabinet hardware industry the forefront.

bulm Cabinet Hardware is increasingly standardized

bulm cabinet hardware and general domestic metal products in the production, sales, installation is very different, higher requirements on product design and installation of safe and convenient. Standardization, serialized bulm products in the cabinet industry showing strong vitality in the selection standard of the original overall kitchen supplies, and standards as a guide the production, standardize the market, an important part of resolving disputes.

bulm Brohm hardware early stages of development, with reference to the international advanced standard for production, with reference to part of the European Economic Community on the coordination of size based on market demand, and gradually, the safety performance requirements and test method standards.Development needs bulm cabinet hardware in the design of fully consider the details, standing on the humane point of view the use of space, on the basis of quality assurance to maximize highlight the visual beauty to create an elegant kitchen space, and its standardization work has also gradually improved.

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